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Trouwdag Cheyenne en Chris – Rikervp Trouwfotograaf

Trouwdag Cheyenne en Chris – Rikervp Trouwfotograaf

It was a sunny but chilly day back on Nov 29 , 2014
looking back now on Nov 29, 2014 as a father to the bride on the day my daughter Cheyenne married her her partner Chris in a wedding ceremony in England UK. It was a day of beauty as I not only watched her and Chris get married but I also had the honor to photograph their wedding and capture some wonderful and memorable moments that have documented a significant day in their lives.  Now on the 2nd anniversary date of their wedding we would like to congratulate them both !
A most wonderful thing of seeing her first day on earth watching her grow and now all grown up married and now with her own little family.
What more could the father of the bride wish for her to have other than I hope she and Chris have many more happy years together .

Here below are just a few images we shot that day

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